Dr Paulina Walencik

Paulina graduated from the University of Wrocław in 2014, and she pursued her PhD on thermodynamic stability and structure of copper complexes and their impact on redox activity in biological systems. She successfully defended her thesis in 2019. On March 2020 she joined Łukasiewicz Research Network-PORT as an internship. From June 2020 she is working as a post-doc process engineer in ConFold NCN project.

Dr Katarzyna Chomiak

Katarzyna obtained her MSc Eng. degree in Technology of Chemistry at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. In 2010, she started her Ph.D. studies on Polymer and Carbonaceous Materials at her home university. She obtained her doctoral degree in November 2014 and worked for the next 3 years as a research assistant. Since April 2019, she is working as a research engineer in Łukasiewicz Research Network-PORT in Wroclaw. She is a specialist in chromatography.

Sara Kozub

Sara completed bachelor’s degree in forensic chemistry and toxicology. Her bachelor thesis was about biomedical applications of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes. Currently, she is a Master student of University of Wrocław with major in medical chemistry. On June 2020 she joined Functional Macromolecules Group as an intern to work on sequence-defined, aliphatic oligocarbamates with full control of stereocenters for her master degree project.

Weronika Forysiak

Weronika studied forensic chemistry and toxicology at University of Wrocław, and in 2019 I have completed her bachelor’s degree with thesis „Biomaterials based on functionalized silicon compounds”. Now, she is a Master student of Medical chemistry at University of Wrocław. Weronika is a Master student at University of Wrocław. On June 2020 she joined Functional Macromolecules Group as an intern to work on aromatic, sequence-defiened oligocarbamates for her master project. „I am interested in combining chemistry with medicine, like drug design or implant design and I enjoy creating computer graphic, reading books and listening to criminal podcasts.”

Avish Golakiya

Avish is 2nd-year biotechnology student of Wroclaw University. On June 2020 he joined Functional Macromolecules Group a internship.

Former members

Niels Andre, (11.2019-6.2020) process engineer in ConFold NCN project.

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