Our expertise lies in the field of (bio)polymers synthesis and nanomaterials preparation. It involves:
synthesis of tailored polymers using controlled/living polymerization methods, purification and post-polymerization modification
– solid-phase synthesis: synthesis of peptides and oligonucleotides, their modification and purification
– synthesis of sequence-defined polymers using iterative chemistry approaches
– surface chemistry: functionalization of surface, monolayer coatings by covalent attachment (peptides, polymers), Layer-by–layer films, spin-coating deposition of polymer films
– preparative organic synthesis: synthesis of monomers, polymerization initiators
– synthesis of polymer bioconjugates (polymer-peptide, polymer-oligonucleotide)

Analysis methods:
– spectroscopy: NMR, UV-vis, FTIR (ATR, transmission), fluorescence, CD
– chromatography: HPLC, GPC, preparative HPLC, Flash
– tensiometry for characterization of surface philicity
– ellipsometry
– light, fluorescence and AFM microscopy
– dynamic light scattering
– mass spectrometry (MALDI, ESI, Tof-SIMS)

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