27th October 2021

Group Meeting with Prof. Pawel Dydio form ISIS, Strasbourg University, France,

Prof. Dydio delivered an excellent lecture entitled Cooperative Dual-Catalytic Transition Metal Systems for Selective Functionalization of Less Reactive Sites.

11th October 2021

Roza Szweda received LIDER grant funded by National Center for Research and Development!

24th September 2021

Congratulations to Maksymilian Szatko for successfully defended Master Thesis!

15th September 2021

Group Meeting with Prof. Takuji Adachi from University of Geneve, Switzerland

in-situ Raman spectroscopy on crystal nucleation one nucleus at time

12th July 2021

Team building event with Peruvian cuisine!

5th July 2021

Congratulations to Weronika Forysiak and Sara Kozub for successfully defended Master Thesis!

12th May 2021

Group Meeting with Dr Miryam Criado Gonzalez from Institute of Polymer Science and Technology, Spain

Dr. Gonzalez will join our group meeting and will deliver a lecture entitled Localized self-assembly of supramolecular soft materials for biomedical applications

7th May 2021

Roza Szweda received grant for development of Scientific Excellence from Łukasiewicz Centre. The aim of the project is to develop the application of sequence-defined polymers in sensing.

24th December 2020

Merry Xmas!

18th November 2020

Joint Students Group Meeting with Laboratory of Complex Systems in Synthesis & Catalysis at ISIS, Strasbourg, France, headed by Paweł Dydio,

Sebastián Martínez, PhD student at Laboratory of Complex Systems in Synthesis & Catalysis will give a talk on „Boomerang Catalysis”

15th October 2020

Functional Macromolecules Group is coordinating visit of Prof. Richard Hoogenboom in Wrocław

Professor Richard Hoogenboom will come to Wrocław with a guest lecture as part of the Visiting Professors program  this is a series of visits of famous scientists, artists, business people from around the world, co-financed by the city through Scientiae Wratislavienses fund. Guests come to the capital of Lower Silesia at the invitation of the President of Wrocław, rectors of Wrocław universities and directors of scientific institutes, such as Łukasiewicz  PORT and the organization of visits are undertaken by universities and institutes. Visiting Professors promotes exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences between scientists from Wrocław and foreign guests, thus enriching the Wrocław scientific community and giving it an international character.

At 10.00 a.m.  professor Hoogenboom will start with the lecture on topic of smart materials based on poly(2-oxazoline)s, titled: Poly(2-oxazoline)s as potent(ial) biomaterials. Abstract

At 12.00 noon we invite you to a popular science open lecture dedicated to non-specialist audience. Professor Hoogenboom will explain that in this days polymers are something much more than plastic, title: Polymers – from plastics to smart materials. After the lecture we’ve planned a discussion. Abstract

From 2.00 p.m. we are inviting you to workshops on several subjects: Research commercialization – From fundamental research to spin-off company: how AVROXA was founded?, publishing – How to efficiently disseminate your research?, Chemistry: Polymer chemistry including chemistry of poly(2-oxazoline)s.

17th June 2020

Success for Functional Macromolecules Research Group! Roza Szweda was included in the prestigious group of laureates of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education scholarship for outstanding young scientists. More info here.

12th April 2020

Happy Easter time!

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